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Hii, This is Rohan kumar, a CS Student, Pursunig B.Tech Computer Science , And I am a MERN Stack Developer, And Learning Mobile App Development. I love to code and looking for new ideas to implement in real life. I am always ready for offers regarding internships and freelance Projects.Thank You to visit my portfolio, I'm Glad that you're here.!

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Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone is a MERN Based Realtime web Application in which almost all features avaliable same as Instagram , Its Frontend is based on React JS and backend is based on Nodejs , expressjs and MongoDB used as a Database.

  • Mongo
  • Express
  • React
  • Node


Converter-X is a web Application which do the basic conversions like PDF to Word , Image Compression , Text To speech voice recognition , Image to Pdfs , It is based on Reactjs and some powerful npm libraries and APIs which run in backend in this Application.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • npm

Weather App

Weather Application is just based on React js and Weather API which shows weather from the location that we provide.

  • React
  • WeaterAPI

Convox Chat App

Convox chat app is a socket.io based Realtime chat Application , Socket.io based on node,js anyone can join the chat by the same link and do chat.

  • React
  • ChatEngine
  • socket.io
  • node.js


Code-Ebooks.io is s cross platform mobile Application, In this app , there are lots of ebooks pdfs related to programinng and Development are avaliable. Anyone can download read the books and download it in local.

  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • IOS
  • Android


I prefer React JS and Next JS as a Frontend and Node JS, express JS as BackendThere are some Technologies that i Know these are my Skillsets, Have a Look !

  • Front-End Dev

    Experience with
    React.JS, Next.JS, HTML, CSS

  • Back-End Dev

    Experience with
    Node.js and Database

  • Mobile App Development

    Experience with
    React Native , Expo

  • IDE / Code Editor

    Experience with
    Microsoft Vs-Code

  • Version Control System

    Experience with
    Git , Github

  • Database/ Services

    Experience with
    mongoDb , SQL, Firebase , Firestore

  • Programming Languages

    Experience with
    JavaScript , C++, C, , Python , Java

About Me

I love to code all day and build new things daily. ! I started Code from 2019 and here is my Journey ..!


    Started my journey, Learn Web Development and Python Automation


    Build Some Projects on MERN and Learn Data Structures And Algorithums


    Start Learning Mobile App Development and Looking For Tech. Internships


Coursera: Frontend Development With React JS


Coursera: Server Side Development With Node, express


Coursera: Introduction to Git and Github


GUVI: Step into Robotics Process Automation


Google: Advance Google Analytics


Accenture: Digital Skills AND Artificial Intelligence

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